Paramore Take on the High Seas


Cruises are one of the coolest ways to go on vacation and at the same time get the best bang for your buck; come on, why do you think there are so many ships and locations to pick from?

Recently, it has become a trend for musicians to get their own cruise ship and take some of their hardcore fans (who could afford it) to come along for watery adventures.

Today, it was announced that Paramore would be hopping onboard the new vacation trend and take some of their fans on their own trip on the high seas in a package titled, “Parahoy!”

For $650, fans can set sail on 4-night cruise, March 7-11, 2014 from Miami to a private island in the Bahamas and have fun with the band members.

Throughout the four nights, fans will get the chance to play activities with each band member, participate in a Q&A session as well as attend two of their performances while on the boat.

4-night luxury cruise, with a stop at our very own private island in the Bahamas
2 shows on the pool deck by your hosts, Paramore
Q&A with Paramore on the Pool Deck
Activities with each member of the band
Autographed commemorative cruise print
Dozens of concerts by other great bands
Great dining options, fun activities, contests, and more!

But that’s not where all the fun ends!

Tegan and Sara will also be jumping on ship as special guests while other bands that will be joining the high water adventures, will soon be announced.

Like it was said earlier, Paramore aren’t the first to get into the cruise ship business; Weezer, Matchbox Twenty, the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block have also taken their fans onto the high seas as well.

For now, check out the band’s announcement to fans about the cruise:

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