Ke$ha Takes on Westboro


We know that the Westboro Baptist Church are not ones to shy away from showing their distaste for certain musicians; pop stars and bands a like.

Whether it be All Time Low, One Direction or Taylor Swift, once you’re on their hit list, they never go away. Someone should have warned the Westboro tribe that one of those pop stars that they are against is not one to take thing lying down and that’s exactly what Ke$ha did to the horrid group.

The group has been protesting  Ke$ha’s Lincoln, Nebraska, show on Sunday night; assembling with their all too familiar signs condoning homosexuals and even playing their own parody version of Ke$ha’s hit song, “We R Who We R.”

What the disgusting protesters didn’t expect was for Ke$ha to be about two steps ahead of them and their overly predictable protest (well, when they do show up for a protest that is). The glitter-ific singer sent out three of her tank-topped male dancers to sync up their moves to the Westboro’s version of the song which they, of course titled, “God Hates Who You Are” (we aren’t even going to touch that one).

Check out the video below and some of the lyrics as well.

“Dear Lord, burn it up! / It’s about that time to finish up / We’re so sick of their filthiness / They makin’ it all lascivious / We’re just talkin’ truth / We’re tellin’ you bout the sins you do.”

If anyone were to win an award for best trolling ever, Ke$ha might just be coming out on top.

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