Tom Hiddleston and ‘The Bare Necessities’


The world fell in love with Tom Hiddleston thanks to his role as Loki in Thor, but Hiddleston proved once again why people love him and it actually came in the form of a Disney song.

While attending the D23 Expo this past weekend while answering questions about his new film, The Pirate Fairy, the actor broke out into a solo performance of “The Bare Necessities” from the classic Disney film, The Jungle Book.

Being the charming guy that he is, Hiddleston had no problem breaking into the song, which led to the audience breaking out in applause once he was done with his impromptu show.

Pirate Fairy co-star, Christina Hendricks even looked impressed at her co-star’s outburst, cheering him on as he showed off his musical abilities. Hiddleston went on to admit that the song had a close connection with him; he sang it an audition several years ago.

During a Disney fan event, Hiddleston did admit that he’s quite the Disney fan, “I’ve always loved Disney. To be in Disney films is an amazing privilege.”

Hiddleston and Hendricks will star in the newest installment of the Tinkerbell series which follows the relationship of a dust-keeper fairy named Zarina (Hendricks) and a cabin boy named James (Hiddleston).

“He is kind and educated and polite and charming and attentive and he is Zarina’s best friend,” Hiddleston teased the audience during the Q&A.

“Over the course of the film…his true nature is revealed. He’s actually captain of the pirates, and he is the ruthless and cunning Captain James Hook.”

Watch Hiddleston get in touch with his Baloo side at around 1:30 in the video.

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