John Mayer Released Album Info

John Mayer

John Mayer has been a little hush about his new album, something that is new to the former over-sharing singer. In the last few month since the announcement that he would be releasing his first new album since his vocal hiatus, the singer has only released lead single, “Paper Doll” and the recently released, “Wildfire.”

Earlier in the day it was revealed that Mayer would have several guests on his new album including Frank Ocean. According to Rolling Stone magazine, Ocean will lend his voice for “Wildfire” even though the song’s lyric video had been released about a month ago.

Mayer in the past has shown that he is a fan of the singer, especially when he performed guitar on Ocean’s “White” which was featured on his hit album channelOrange. But that’s not where Mayer’s relationship with Ocean ends; Mayer was featured in the music video for “Pyramids” as well as performed alongside him on Saturday Night Live. 

Also making an appearance on the album is Mayer’s lady-love and one of our favorite pop star, Katy Perry. The duo, who have been in an “on-again-off-again” relationship for a while will perform together on a country-tinged song titled, “Who You Love.” When interviewed during Milwaukee’s SummerFest, Mayer praises Perry for being patient with him during his vocal recovery and how he feels the most happy now than he has before in the past. Remember that Mayer does have a laundry list of prior high-profiled relationships.

Mayer’s new album, Paradise Valley is scheduled to be released on August 20 through Columbia Records.

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