Sesame Street Takes on ‘Sons of Anarchy’


Recently, Sesame Street has been getting major props for their parodies of pop culture including Daft Punk’s Get Lucky which became a huge hit a few months back. Today, the famous puppets are back to take on FX’s hit biker gang show, Sons of Anarchy. 

In the video Jax, Clay, Tig and the rest are depicted as Muppets which are called, Sons of Poetry. The Muppet bike gang heads on over to help any unsuspecting person that’s in need of a good rhyme (hence the name). In a nod to the show that they are parodying, the use lines such as “Relax, Jax!” and “Whatever you say, Clay!”

Sesame Street will returning for their new season on September 20 on PBS while Sons of Anarchy returns to FX on September 10.

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