Kellin Quinn v. Oli Sykes: Round 1


What happens when frontmen from two of “the” scene’s biggest band have it out? Well, apparently something really funny.

On their website, Sleeping with Siren’s frontman, Kellin Quinn had put up a package called “Kellin’s Polaroid Package” where fans of the band would pay $80 to get an autographed Polaroid picture with the frontman as well as a group Q&A, a signing session with the entire band among other things during their current tour.

After that package hit the web, Bring Me the Horizon frontman, Oli Sykes who is not shy about calling people out, tweeted the following in response to that.

“Next USA tour! Oli Sykes special polaroid package! Take a photo with me! Special price! Absolutely no charge at all! Fucking cockstars.”

But that’s not where it all ends. Following Sykes diss through social media, Quinn went on to release a statement about the Polaroid deal.

My response

I feel like this is an amazing deal for 80 dollars if you disagree then don’t buy it, no one is forcing you k?

“Autographed Polaroid photo with Kellin
Group Q&A session with Kellin
Signing Session With Sleeping With Sirens
Large Double-Sided Autographed Poster
Early Entry Into The “Feel This” Tour
General admission ticket to the “Feel This” tour”

keep in mind Polaroid film is super expensive, your getting the ticket to the show, you get front row over anyone else.. If you only want to pay general admission then just do that. However, if you do like the idea of doing all these things included.. It’s ONLY 80 dollars.. I would never charge someone money for just a picture with me.. I try and do anything and everything for my fans.. I do in fact have a family, and that family needs to be fed.. So thanks for supporting us and helping me continue to tour.. Without you there is no us!

Love you Kellin

So in a battle of egos, who do you think is right? For once, we’re going to have to side with Sykes, but then again, it’s not out $80 being spent.


  1. Definitely Kellin. Love both bands but what tf is wrong with Sykes? None of his business. There are MUCH worse celebrities out there doing things 1000 times worse. Kellin offered all these things for only this much money that usually others offer much more. And also he does have a family and in this world you need money to live and help the people you love. Same with everyone else’s family who work to support them.. which is what you will probably do in the future for you and your family (unless you’re already doing that now). The difference is that Kellin and many other celebrities have jobs that is not as normal. He does need to gain something more out of all the things he does for us and all the effort and things he does.
    He has two families. His own and us. He loves both. What he did was normal.
    If all Kellin wanted was money then he would have been singing very different songs. Like the ones you hear on the radio these days.. in this generation. Or whatever but he is doing it for the people who need it not for himself. He wants us to relate to his music and make it meaningful for people like me and many others.
    He did absolutely nothing wrong.
    Sorry Sykes.. but this is my opinion.

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