Saves the Day Releases Message About Return to Equal Vision/New Album


Saves the Day’s self-titled album cover

Yesterday afternoon, Saves the Day announced that not only have they returned to their original record label, Equal Vision, but they would also be releasing a brand new album through them. The self-titled new album will be released on September 17 and in honor of that, the band released a full statement about their return to Equal Vision and their new release since 2011’s Daybreak.

“We’re telling you first. This new album will be the first self-titled Saves The Day album ever. It’s time. Right now, this feels right and it’s because of the journey we’ve taken with all of you. Saves The Day is a feeling we all share. You understand that. When we partnered with all the pledgers to create this thing we had no idea where it would lead. The business side of music hates risk. Yet, we took a big risk and thanks to you, we succeeded. That got a lot of people excited. The staff at Equal Vision Records were among those people. Now, we’re teaming up with EVR to release this record.

Why? Well first off, EVR is fucking stoked to be working with us. That feeling is mutual. They were the first label to give Saves The Day a chance. They did that then because they liked the music; and that’s why they’re involved now. Second, they have the capacity to help us grow our beautiful community. Like us, they’re hardcore kids deep down. They know where we came from and how that shaped what we are now. Third, Max Bemis, Max Bemis. Max. Bemis. He’s a beautiful soul. Of course, you guys deserve transparency in everything related to this and the pledge. The pledge helped fund the album recording, mixing, and mastering. For that we are extremely thankful. Everyone that pledged still gets the album at minimum, and we’re still working to fulfill every pledge that has yet to be fulfilled. EVR is helping us with manufacturing, distribution, and all the logistical details that surprise you when you put out an album.
Oh yeah, perhaps most important of all, EVR is our home again. For the next record, the process will be easier and quicker.We want to stress again that PLEDGERS are the priority. ALL PLEDGERS will be receiving their copy of the album before it’s released to stores and the same goes for any physical components – lyrics, fan club stuff, vinyl, and t-shirts. Don’t think we’ll ever forget you. The pledge process has been a massive undertaking and a lot of fun – it enabled us to do some really cool stuff outside of the typical album cycle. There have been some life-changing experiences and there are more to come that we’re stoked on. We are gonna fucking JAM and get weird. Some say crowd-funding is a one-time thing.
Perhaps. But we’ve enjoyed having these experiences with you – there’s neither the time nor the leeway in the standard record/release album/tour/sell a t-shirt cycle to do these things. Every band has to sell stuff to survive, but why survive if your band is no more than what you sell? For us, it’s about what we create and share. It’s still about that feeling when we can’t hear our voices over yours. The powerful, life-defining moments. As long as one person wants to invite us to play an all-request set in their backyard, we’ll be there. Whatever comes next, we want you to be there with us.”

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