Freddie Mercury/Michael Jackson Tracks to Be Released


What happens when you combine to of music’s biggest stars in the ’80s and a llama?

Apparently that’s what happened when Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson entered the studio to record some tracks together during that time.

The Times has reported that three tracks that were recorded by the twosome would be making their debut sometime this year, according to Queen guitarist, Brian May. May was quoted as saying that these rare, and never before heard tracks will be released in two months’ time.

In 1983, the two mega stars worked together in California, but did not release anything because they could not secure the adequate time to record more tracks. But that wasn’t all that led to the non-release of the songs before; there was some apparent tension between Mercury and Jackson.

In comes the llama bit.

During a recording session, Jackson brought a llama with him into the recording studio which resulted in Mercury calling Jim ‘Miami’ Beach, a lawyer who later became Queen’s manager and telling him, “Miami, dear, can you get over here? You’ve got to get me out of here, I’m recording with a llama.”

This news about the unreleased tracks come on the heels of Sacha Baron Cohen pulling out of the Freddie Mercury bio-pic he had been connected to for about three years. Due to some ratings and content issues with the remaining members of Queen, who get the final approval on the script contents, Baron decided to bow out of the role as the flamboyant frontman.

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