‘Once Upon A Time’ Cast Talks Season 3


“A princess, a pirate, a wizard, a queen, a knight and a savior will all join forces in search of Neverland” reads the tagline of the first trailer for season three of Once Upon A Time.

The cast of the hit ABC fantasy show, just finished their panel at Comic-Con and one of the revelations of the panel was that Ariel from The Little Mermaid will in fact be making her small screen debut this season.

According to the show’s creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, the red-headed mermaid will appear in a scene where she steals a fork of one of the seven dwarfs. The audience was reminded that “anything could happen in Neverland” which leaves an open door for how the mermaid princess will come into the story.

Another surprise that was made also revolved around Neverland, but it had nothing to do with one of last season’s biggest question (who the heck is Peter Pan?) in fact it had to do with his sassy, fairy sidekick, Tinkerbell. She will be in season 3, but whether she will be the twinkle, Disney version or  a dark version, like Peter Pan, the men behind the show were sure to keep that underwraps.

But if that wasn’t enough, turns out that there will be a big death this season which the Evil Queen herself, Lana Parrilla says is her “favorite kill.” This, of course stunned the audience, but let’s be real, Regina is a great character and killing is right up her alley.

You can watch the trailer straight from Comic-Con, here and the sneak peek featuring Grumpy and Ariel (briefly).

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