Lady Gaga to Return with ‘ARTPOP’


Rumors of Lady Gaga releasing her new album, ARTPOP has just been confirmed to be true.

Mother Monster herself revealed that her new, highly-anticipated album will be released this November to the cheers of her Little Monsters. But that’s not all; the pop star also announced that she would be releasing an app as well (we’re going to assume it’s something like the one Jay-Z released a few weeks back).

In a word statement (though the Little Monsters will tell you otherwise), she reveals that the app will be “a musical and visual engineering system that combines music, art, fashion and technology” as well as the promise that every user will share in the “adrenaline of fame.”

The first single of the new album will drop on August 19 while pre-orders for ARTPOP will begin on September 1, according to a statement that was published a few hours ago on her official Facebook page.

The new album has been a work-in-progress which was supposed to be released early this year, but do to some massive hip surgery and probably Gaga just wanting a little relaxation, the album was pushed back a bit. The hip surgery also resulted in her cancelling her “Born This Way” Ball which in a surprising twist, her fans were okay with, as long as she was back on stage in tip-top shape.

In the same post, some information was also given about the direction that this new album will had, musically:

“ARTPOP, musically mirrors Gaga’s creative process as she passes through the medium of each artist she collaborates with, scoring a blueprint on her journey. The result, a ‘rage’ of electronic passion and fury defining each artistic process from beginning to end. ARTPOP could mean anything.”

The post also reveals that on November 10, Gaga will host an evening of “artRave” with a host of collaborators, including Jeff Koons, Robert Wilson, Inez & Vinoodh and Marina Abramovic.

Yesterday, Britain’s The Sun reported that she would be one of the many performers to take the stage as part of this year’s iTunes Festival after it was revealed that her Haus of Gaga team had spent £500,000 on the production for the show. As of right now, it looks like it might be rumors, but like we’ve seen in the past, we never know.

ARTPOP will be released on November 11.

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