Sting to Perform for Benefit

Sting on stage with bass in Copenhagen in 2012

Sting has revealed that he will be performing 10 different shows in New York this summer to help benefit The Public Theater arts organization.

The singer announced yesterday that he would be performing at the 260-seat Anspacher Theater in the Public Theater from September 25 through October 9 to help fund the organization. The Public Theater is a non-profit organisation that aims to make theater accessible to all.

As part of his setlist, the singer has revealed that he would also be  singing songs from his new album, The Last Ship, which will be released on September 24; just in time for his 10-day engagement. It was also revealed that this will be the first and only time that anyone will see the 61-year-old singer perform any music from the new album.

According to The Public Theater’s artistic director Oskar Eustis, The Last Ship is “an elegy for and a celebration of the working-class life of the Newcastle shipyards” as well as that it’s “shaping up to be a masterpiece”.

The new LP will be Sting’s first new album full of original material since 2003’s Sacred Love.

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