M.I.A. Releases New Song


M.I.A is back with a brand new song, just don’t let the name of the a song trick you into thinking it’s some sort of lovey-dovey ballad; come on, you know she doesn’t go that way.

The new song which ironically is named, “Only 1 U” doesn’t sound like what you expect from a song with that titled, instead the rapper, who is known for not sugar-coating anything, goes off in the song attacking everything from the financial systems with “It’s not me and you / It’s the fucking banks” and even says that she’s more “jiggy than Will” whatever that means.

The song premiered on DJ Ital’s London radio show “Open Deck,” but now can be heard below thanks to someone who ripped it straight from the radio.

Oh and another thing M.I.A. issued instructions on how and where to play it. “Keep away from LAP TOPS play in #REALSPEAKERS #LOUD. in direct sun light or in a dingy room #BASS on #dingdingding.”


Just last week, M.I.A. released a music video for another new song, “Bring the Noise,” the first single off of Matangi. The album isn’t available for pre-order quite yet, but you can buy “Bring the Noise” from iTunes now until the full album hits shelves.

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