One Direction Release Concert Movie Trailer


Whether you love them of hate them, One Direction don’t care because the five-piece boy band are still laughing their way to the bank and pre-teen (teen?) girls.

Today, the boy banders released a trailer for their upcoming 3-D, which let’s face the fact, ever since the Hannah Montana one, this has become a “thing” (looking at you Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and all of you thinking about it). This one is no different with the typical back story of how the band came to be which, let’s be real, we can Wiki or ask one of the zillion fangirls, teenage scenarios we all go through at some point and of course, concert footage.

This Is Us hits theaters August 30, but until then you can check out the trailer for it and ponder whether they named the film after their predecessor, the Backstreet Boys’ 2009 album.

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