Jay-Z: Sports Agent


Jay-Z can now add sports agent to his long list of accomplishments because the rapper has now become one.

Earlier this year, the rapper announced that he would be getting his feet wet by becoming a sports for his newly created agency Roc Nation Sports, part of his already famous and flourishing entertainment business, Roc Nation.

With the help of Roc Nation president, Juan Perez and acclaim celebritiy agency, Creative Artists Agency, Jay-Z  now represents basketball player Skylar Diggins, New York Giants’ wide receiver Victor Cruz, and  New York Yankee’s second baseman Robinson Cano.

The biggest issue that has arisen from this is the fact that in order to represent an athlete during negotiations, you need to be certified by the sports leagues’ unions. Jay-Z and his Roc Nation team have already started the first steps in getting that done and once National Basketball Players Association  certifies the rapper and Perez, they’ll be all set to start the bargaining.

But even though the NBPA has already granted them this, the NFL are still in the process of an investigation into whether or not they had violated any regulations when they recruited New York Jets draft pick, Geno Smith. At that time, Jay-Z had not been certified and was warned against doing anything recruiting related with that negotiation.

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