Lost ‘Doctor Who’ Episodes Could Exist in Africa


With all this talk of Matt Smith leaving the Doctor Who franchise, rumors have once again stated to circulate that there are lost episodes from the classic series (pre-2005). This kind of rumor is not new for Whovians since the BBC did wipe out a lot of the old, classic episodes way back when; they thought it was a good idea, those foolish people.

The current new batch of rumors come  courtesy of the website, Bleeding Cool. According to a report publish by the website, they have it on good authority (two really good sources, apparently) that an engineer in Africa “with a taste for science fiction and a habit of taking things for ‘safe keeping'” might actually have copies of the presumed erased episodes.

Apparently, the amount of episodes that said engineer has in his possession might even be able to complete several of the series that Whovians might have never thought could be complete. This new haul could reportedly finish the First Doctor’s collection as well as finish the Second Doctor’s Evil of the Daleks story which there is currently only one episode left of the seven that were originally broadcast.

While no promises are currently being made, Bleeding Cool is saying that these episodes could be coming our way in November, just in time for the 50th anniversary or maybe even sooner. They even went so far as updating just a little while ago that the finger crossing might not be needed since another source has confirmed that those missing tapes are real.

If this massive haul of high hopes end up being nothing more than an April Fool’s joke in June, let’s just say that website should fear the Wrath of Whovian, just saying.

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