Black Sabbath Stream New Album


Black Sabbath are officially back and currently streaming their brand new album on iTunes.

The iconic metal band revealed earlier this year that they would be releasing a brand new album titled 13, in honor of it being their 13th studio album.

This album also marks the first time that Ozzy Osbourne will be on vocals since 1978’s Never Say Die! The band have also said in recent interviews that this album is more of a “back-to-basics” album with them recapturing the bluesy, jam feel that their 1970’s debut had.

This album was already in good hands with Rick Rubin holding down the fort as the producer while Rage Against the Machine drummer, Brad Wilk filled in for original drummer, Bill Ward who passed on the reunion due to “contract dispute.” (We all know what that means, $$$ issues).

While the album is set to be released on June 11th, fans have already had a sneak-peek of the new album with songs such as  “End of the Beginning,” “God Is Dead?,” “Loner,” and bonus track “Methademic” making its way to the internet already.

To hear the rest of the metal gods’ album all you need to do is head on over here to iTunes and throw up those horns,

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