Real Cover Art for ‘Yeezus’ Confirmed


I’mma let you finish but….Kanye you need to get some real artists to make your cover art.

Early last week, major rumors were circulating over what the real cover of Kanye West’s new album, Yeezus, would looks like. At first, the rumor was that there would be a picture of Jesus on the cover, but now, Def Jam is confirming that there will be no Jesus on the cover, but rather, no cover at all.

Last week, Kanye’s baby mama, Kim Kardashian has tweeted a picture of a molten jewel case with a bright orange sticker that said Yeezus on it. “No cover, booklet, just a sticker on the reverse of the package with the track list,” said DJ Semtex said while being interviewed by Miss Info on her radio show.

But if this is not going to be the cover then Def Jams is either pulling the wool over our eyes or they have something up their sleeve that won’t happen until the last moment. If that’s what they have in mind then they better think fast because the new album is supposedly scheduled for a June 18 release and so far no lead single has made its way to top 40 radio yet.


So, what do you guys think of the ‘potential’ album cover?

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