Linkin Park Singer to Join Stone Temple Pilots


Remember when Scott Weiland was kicked out of his own band just as he was about to head out on his solo tour? Well, it looks like more gasoline has been added to the fire.

Today, it was revealed that Linkin Park frontman, Chester Bennington, will be taking over Weiland’s frontman duties for Stone Temple Pilots and it looks like it has been a work in progress for sometime.

When news was first released that the Linkin Park frontman would be taking over the role, fans were a little confused about what it meant for the “Numb” group. Bennington went onto Twitter letting fans know that he has no plans on leaving his band and that it will always remain a number one priority for him.

So far, there has been no other word on what will be happening with the newly revamped STP, but we can only imagine that a new album and maybe even a tour could be on its way.

Until then, check out the first new song, “Our Time” from the Stone Temple Pilots featuring Chester Bennington below.

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