As I Lay Dying Frontman Pleas Not Guilty


In what might be one of the week’s most “WTF” news, As I Lay Dying’s frontman, Tim Lambesis has plead not guilty to charges of an alleged murder-for-hire plot against his ex-wife, Meggan.

Originally, the bail for the musician was to be set at $20 million, but his defense attorney argued that the amount was unreasonable, so the judge lowered it to $3 million.

For those not familiar with the story, Lambesis was arrested a few days back for concocting a plot to hire a hit-man to take out his ex-wife while he was with the couple’s children. The frontman had given the undercover cop, cash, a picture of the ex-wife, gate codes and even the date of when to put the hit out.

The rest of As I Lay Dying released the following statement after the incident:

“To our fans,

As we post this, the legal process is taking its course and we have no more information than you do.  There are many unanswered questions, and the situation will become clearer in the coming days and weeks.  We’ll keep you informed as best we can.

Our thoughts right now are with Tim, his family, and with everyone else affected by this terrible situation –  and with our fans, whom we love and draw strength from.

Thank you for understanding, and as always, for your support of As I Lay Dying.

– Jordan, Nick, Phil, and Josh”

The couple, who divorced after eight years of marriage have three children together whom they adopted from Ethiopia. Friends, family and event he ex-wife herself said that they have started to notice a change in the singer since he started getting into bodybuilding.
A preliminary court date has been set for July 10 while the district attorney says that there is audio proof of the singer setting up all the information for the assassination plot.

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