John Williams to Score “Star Wars: Episode VII”


It may not be ‘official,’ but the fact that Star Wars: Episode VII director, JJ Abrams, has announced that John Williams will continue his role as the creator for the film score, makes it an almost guaranteed deal.

During a press conference for his new film, Star Trek Into Darkness, the director was asked the following:

Can you talk a little about Michael Giacchino’s music and will he be scoring Star Wars too, or not?

Michael Giacchino is an incredible composer who I was lucky enough to begin working with on Alias. He was doing videogame soundtracks and we started working together then and have done a number of films and television series since. He is brilliant and it’s very easy for me to say to him, looking at a scene, “Okay, this scene needs to be about the conflict between these characters. It’s got to be hopeful but you also have to feel that there’s a tension still.” I can say all these ridiculous things and he has to listen and say “okay” and go off and come back and present music that invariably does that but so much more. He’s truly one of the most influential members of our crew and I think this score, he just really out did himself, especially with the score for Benedict’s character. I think that suite that he wrote was just brilliant. Again, for Star Wars it is very early days to know but I believe that going forward John Williams will be doing that film, because apparently he was there long before I was.”

Williams created Darth Vader’s iconic and chilling theme music and in 1978, he won an Oscar for his score for Star Wars: A New Hope.

Witness Abrams reveal the news to the delight of many fanboys and girls.

Star Wars: Episode VII has a tentative release date of 2015.

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