The Vampire Weekend/Steve Buscemi Chronicles Continue


With only a few days left until the American Express Unstaged Concert Series on Sunday, the Vampire Weekend/Steve Buscemi chronicles continue with episode three and four.

In episode three, we catch Buscemi hanging out in the park when he runs into Claire Boucher or Grimes like she is better known as, and her friend James Brooks from Elite Gymnastics.

Buscemi goes on to invite her to an Easter brunch when she declines because she “just doesn’t feel like it.” He even tries to coax her into coming by saying Vampire Weekend will be there, but not even that gets her to come along.

Best part is after she leaves and Buscemi goes on a little rampage about inviting her every year, and every single year she declines.

(Episode Three)

Episode four, unlike episode three features more family bonding time as the band and the actor sit around, dyeing Easter eggs, talking about Easter. Oh, the awkward family bonding time.

(Episode Four)

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