Daft Punk Reveal Collaborators For New Album

Daft Punk

Daft Punk have been really quite about information about their upcoming new album, Random Access Memories. The fact the it took them a month to reveal the title of the album, let alone the release date shows how the duo can keep things private.

Last night at Coachella, the biggest news of the festival wasn’t from one of the performers, rather it was from the electronic duo which came in the form of a trailer; very similar to the ones they had been showing during Saturday Night Live’s broadcast.

The video confirms that the new album will have a star-studded list of collaborators including: The Strokes frontman, Julian¬†Casablancas, Animal Collective’s Panda Bear, Paul Williams, NERD’s Pharrell and many more.

Random Access Memories is due out in May 21 on Daft Life Limited, an imprint of Columbia which was revealed in January the band had headed to.

Watch the full trailer about the making of the video below:

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