Woman Arrested for Assaulting Boyfriend Over Macklemore Song


This might be one of the craziest stories of the day.

A woman in Colorado was arrested for assaulting her boyfriend who would not stop singing Macklemore’s hit song, “Thrift Shop.” The woman, Samantha Malson, reportedly tried to choke her boyfriend, Lars Hansen, to death after he sang the song 25 times in a row.

Following the incident which occurred this past Saturday, the couple were visited by the police after they received a domestic dispute report. The 23-year-old Malson admitted to the crime telling officers that she and Henson were both drunk at the time. She was then charged with harassment, domestic violence and assault.

The Smoking Gun was able to obtain some extracts from the police report which said the following, “Malson said that she asked Hansen ’25 times’ to stop singing. Malson said, ‘He just annoyed me’ and ‘I pushed him’. Malson demonstrated this (without me asking or prompting) by shoving her fingertips into the air repeatedly. She said she pushed him a couple of times and, ‘I grabbed him around the throat,’ showing me her left hand in a choking type hold. Malson then said, ‘I did it for intimidation’.”

Guess Henson won’t be “wearing your grandfather hand-me downs” anytime soon.

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