Selena Gomez’s New Track Hits the Web


Yesterday afternoon, it became apparent quite quickly that Selena Gomez fans or Selenators could not be held back when the pop star’s new song, “Come and Get It” was leaked. The song was originality scheduled to be released during Ryan Seacrest’s show, but some leakers got to the track first.

So what were the power duo to do in that situation? Why, out-leak the leakers.

Once the track made its way on to Seacrest’s site, Gomez’s legions of fans came in droves resulting in the site being shut down. Seacrest wrote the following on his Twitter addressing his IT people’s worst nightmare come true.

“I have a team working to get  back up… Selenators, u guys are in beast mode!!”

While the song almost made it on the internet before the actually scheduled time, Gomez went online before hand thanking fans for being so enthusiastic about the track and directing them to listen to the official track on Seacrest’s website.

“I’m actually kind of excited because you can finally hear it!” Gomez said in the video.

To check out the full version of her new, Indian influenced track, you can hear it below.

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