3OH!3 Bring Colorado to Miami


The day may have started off  as nothing short of a monsoon, but as the day turned into night, the bubblegum colored sky would show no trace of the disaster that took place earlier in the day and all fear that a show would not happen that evening soon diminished as the purple and yellow stage lights went on.

The sound of the drums and guitars soon filled the air as the sky turned into a pitch black color. At first, it was assumed that local Miami-based band, Rezolution would be taking the stage, but the second that a guy in a gray wolf shirt with way too much energy and a microphone hit the stage, everyone knew that all doubts were gone and that the show was about to take place.

Taking the stage were none other than the court jesters of the music world, 3OH!3. With lyrics including “do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips” and “I’m gonna have a house party in my house,” you can rest assure that their show was going to be comical and full of innuendos, everything that just screams “frat boys!”

For those not familiar with the “electro-pop group” as Wikipedia labels them, they are known for their college freshman mentality and just the journey of having a good time. Their show was no different especially with the majority of the audience being college students also on a journey to have a good time.

Sean Forman, one-half of the group, was the first on stage, getting the crowd ready for a show that could make even the storm clouds from earlier disappear. Decked out in a dark hoodie and dark pants, Nathaniel Motte, the other half of the band, snuck in, barely getting a glimpse from the fans as he camouflaged with the background, but he didn’t stay that way for long. Stripping down to a Hawaii shirt that looked similar to the one that Rocko from Rocko’s Modern Life would wear, he eventually undressed to just a plain dark tank top considering the after storm humidity and heat.

The band kicked off their hour-long show with what at first sounded like a new track, but ending up being the song “Starstrukk” from their debut album, Want. The crowd could feel their powerful and excited energy as they performed other songs from Want which included “Rich Man” “Colorado Sunrise” and a medley that included, “PunkBitch” “Choke Chain” and “I’m Not Your Boyfriend, Baby.” Songs from the second album, Streets of Gold  also made the set list such as “My First Kiss” “Touching on My” and “Streets of Gold” while also incorporating  songs from their upcoming album, Omens including current single, “Back to Life” and “You’re Gonna Love This.”

Getting in touch with their inner college selves, they asked the crowd what they had planned for after the show. No definite answer was given since the crowd tried to answer at the same time, but it could be seen that they were hinting at wanting to go to a house party which segued to their song titled, “House Party.” As if that wasn’t enough, both men even went into the crowd at different times which got a lot of attention from the ladies.

As if the sea of red, green and blue glow sticks weren’t in full volume throughout the show, when they got to the last song of the evening, “Don’t Trust Me,” the level of enthusiasm went into an all time high with glowstick-stuffed beach ball being tossed in the area and the sight of foam glowsticks got even more pronounced. As the lights went out on stage, the only thing that could be seen from far was the united front of glowsticks glowing in a dark field.

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