Lil’ Wayne Reveals He’s Epileptic


In what should be considered no surprise, Lil’ Wayne has revealed that he is in fact epileptic and prone to seizures.

During an interview with Power 106’s DJ, Felli Fel, the rapper said that he feels “100 percent now” but also said that he does suffer from epilepsy and is prone to seizures.

“This wasn’t my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh…I have had a bunch of seizures, you just never hear about them,” he said when talking about his episodes on the station. While he does say he’s had previous attacks, he mentions that none of them have been as bad as the one he suffered two weeks ago which included having three seizures in a row.

“My heart rate went down to 30 percent,” he said. “I have people around me who know how to handle it. This time was real bad because I had three back to back and the third one was so bad.”

Reports and rumors say that the trifecta of seizures was caused by Weezy “sippin’ on the codeine,” but he says that the cause of the seizures was nothing more than “plain stress and no rest.”

But things are looking up for the Young Money head, his new album was just released this past Tuesday and he has just announced that he will be heading out on his “America’s Most Wanted” tour with friend, T.I. starting in July.

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