‘CBGB’ Movie Poster Unveiled


As if the “50,000 bands. One disgusting bathroom” doesn’t scream rock and roll then I don’t know what does.

Yesterday, the poster for the upcoming film was released via their Facebook page. The movie which stars Alan Rickman, Malin Ackerman, Ashley Greene and pretty much everybody in the world tells the story of the famous former New York rock club staple in the early years and how it went from being a bluegrass club to the accidental birthplace of punk music in America.

If you’re not familiar with the club and it’s origins, you can read a slight history of the club or better yet what the movie is going to focus on right here:

“CBGB follows the story of Hilly Kristal’s (played by Alan Rickman) New York club from its origins as Country, Bluegrass and Blues (CBGB) to what it ultimately became: the birthplace of underground rock ‘n’ roll and punk. Kristal, a fan of country and bluegrass dreamed of having a club in the lower Eastside that catered to that kind of music. When he had difficulty booking those bands he turned to other kinds of rock music. Hilly had one demand of the acts he booked: They could only play their own original music. No top 40’s, no covers. It was the credo he lived by: Support the artist at whatever the cost.”

But apparently not everyone is thrilled with how the club will be perceived on film. The Village Voice are at the head of the “we hate this film” club being quoted as saying, “If you’re the type of cynical punk asshole who thinks the movie about CBGB can’t be anything but terrible, well GOOD NEWS, the movie’s poster essentially proves you right.”

Guess you can’t always satisfy everyone, right? CBGB will hit theaters sometime this year.

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