Fun. Guitarist Writing Songs for Children’s Show

Jack Antonoff

Fun. guitarist, Jack Antonoff, has something else to add to his resume right next to Grammy award winner, songwriter for children’s show. The guitarist will be lending his skill to the PBS children’s show Super WHY!  by writing an album’s worth of new material based on the theme, ‘you’ve got the power.’ The music will also appear on the program’s live tour this Spring.

“I produced and recorded the whole thing, and I must have written at least 15 songs,” Antonoff told Billboard, recently.

While this might come as a surprise to some, this isn’t his first time writing songs for a child’s program. He wrote a song titled, “It’s Fun to Dance” for Nick Jr.’s hit television show, Yo Gabba Gabba! For those not familiar with the show, a long list of musicians have appeared on the program, performing original songs aimed for children, but it doesn’t stop adults from watching the program for their favorite bands.

Antonoff’s former band, Steel Train, even performed the song live when the show went on its live tour. “We played it on tour every night for thousands of little kids and it was a wonderful experience to do that,” he said about his experience on the Yo Gabba Gabba! Live tour.

Fun. is currently in the middle of their Some Nights tour all the way through October with opening act, Tegan and Sara. The Super Why! tour will begin its run on April 2 and visit 27 cities.

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