Lil Wayne Leaves Hospital


The fact that Lil’ Wayne has managed to leave the hospital an exact week after allegedly having a seizure that almost killed him, is a miracle in itself.

Last week, the Young Money rapper was reportedly rushed to Los Angeles’ Cedar-Sinai Hospital because of a seizure that almost killed him. According to gossip site, TMZ, the rapper has suffered a seizure due to an overdose of codeine and even had to get his stomach pumped three times.

After the initial news hit the headlines last Friday, there were many contradicting statements about what was happening at Camp Weezy. First his people claimed that he was okay, just watching basketball but then a tweet sent out on the rapper’s officially Twitter said that he was “okay” and “alive” and thanking the fans for all their prayers. The same evening, a hospital worker said that there was no way that such a tweet could have been sent by Lil’ Wayne since he was fast asleep at the time.

When talk of the seizure being cause by an overdose started to run rapid, many of his friends including mentor, Birdman said that there was no way that the seizure was caused by an overdose, it could be attributed to all the stress that the rapper had on his shoulder he said in an interview with Hot 97 DJ, Miss Info.

Lil’ Wayne is reportedly doing well at home, just laying low and getting better, but his new album, I Am Not a Human Being II is still set to drop on March 26.

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