Fall Out Boy and Elton John, Collaborating

Save Rock and Roll

Yesterday afternoon, when Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump uploaded a picture of him and Elton John in the studio, fans and media alike started buzzing on whether or not the music giant would be working with the band on brand new material for their album.

Stump and John

Now, Fuse has confirmed that indeed, John has been working with band on new music for Save Rock and Roll, the band’s new album due out soon. A rep for the band released the following statement saying, “They’re currently working with Elton John on Save Rock and Roll in a studio in Atlanta [Elton’s hometown].”

Last night, the band had tweeted out a report from USA Today that played into the rumor that John would be one of the guest stars on the album.


While having such a big name such as Sir Elton John may come as a surprise to some, in actuality it shouldn’t. The band has always found way to incorporate some of music’s biggest players into their music such as Jay-Z in “Thriller” and Lil’ Wayne in “Tiffany Blew” as well as others.

Save Rock and Roll is due to hit store on April 16.

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