The Rolling Stones Planning North American Tour?

Rolling Stones

Last year, The Rolling Stones had done a few selected concert in London and New York as part of their “50 and Counting” mini tour. When they had been asked in an interview if there would be a full-fledged tour, Mick Jagger slyly said, “there have been quite a few offers” and continued to see what are the odds of such a thing happening.

Then Keith Richards discreetly hinted that all the fans of the classic rock band would have to just sit and wait for an official announcement to be made. For most, this come off as a “definitely” to the big question of whether or not a full “50 and Counting” tour would be on its way.

Now, according to Rolling Stone magazine, an inside source in the concert business has just revealed that yes, there will be an 18 day, North American tour for the band. Billboard originally said that the band will play ‘fewer than 20’ dates, but now Rolling Stone’s source is saying that it will be 18 dates.

This will be the band’s first tour since the 2005-2007 “A Bigger Bang” tour and said that if the past has shown any indications, this tour will be “a lot more adventurous.” While these dates are for the United States, the UK will be getting some of the Rolling Stones love too. According to British band, Kasabian, The Rolling Stones will be playing Glastonbury.

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