MIA Releases “Matangi” Mix


For nearly a year, rumors of MIA’s upcoming new album have been just that rumors. Her last album, Maya, was a hit and many fans were wondering what would be the next step for the bird-flipping, non-conforming, outspoken star.

In interviews, MIA has said that this new album, Matangi, is more of a ‘screw you’ to all those people that burned her throughout the years, but at the same time was her “finding spirituality through the internet.”

Sunday morning, the rapper revealed at the Kenzo fashion show a new mix called “Matangi Mix for Kenzo” made specially for the Japanese designer’s show at Paris’ Fashion Week this past weekend. The track combines some of the Sri Lankan singers favorite musical ingredients including, South Asian melodies, Hindi-movie singing, twisted beats, and thumping bass.

You can listen to the entire mix right here and see how you feel about the new music.

The full Matangi album is due out on April 16, so if you like the little sneak-a-peek MIA gave us, don’t forget to go out and get it.

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