3oh!3 Announce New Album Release Date


It’s been a little under three years since Colorado’s 3oh!3 have released their last album, but now the band has announced that their new album, OMENS, will be hitting stores on June 18. For their hardcore fans, the boys announced that they could start putting in their pre-orders on 3oh!3 day, aka Sunday, March 3. As part of their special day, the band also said that they would be releasing the first single from the album, “Back to Life.”

As a way to keep it real with their fans, the band and their record label will be holding a fun 303 inspired activity list for fans. On Sunday, the band will post a list of activities and the fans will have to either photograph or film themselves doing these activities and post it on their website. Some include getting a dog to dance to a 3OH!3 song, have a pillow fight, have a staring contest or just tell your computer that you love it

In a recent interview with a radio station, Nathaniel Motte, told them that this will be the first album that it will just be them performing the songs. In the past, they’ve had guests like Katy Perry and Ke$ha on their tracks, but this time, they’re saying that it’s simply them on every track.

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